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Tart Cherries: An On-Trend Superfruit That’s Always in Season

July 24, 2014 | by Cherry Marketing Institute

Enjoy Montmorency tart cherry recipes, during summer harvest and all year long

LANSING, Mich.July 23, 2014 – Tart cherries were a stand-out star at the recent Fancy Food Show, described as a “homegrown superfruit with functional credentials.” The nutrient profile of Montmorency tart cherries is not the only reason these ruby-red fruits are hotter than ever. Trend experts say tart flavors are on the rise[ref]Technomic. Technomic’s Take: 10 Trends for 2014. 2013.[/ref][ref]Slate. More Sour to You. 2013.[/ref], due to consumers’ changing palate that prefers a less sweet taste.

“There’s no denying the power of tart, it’s fundamental to our sense of taste,” said Stella Parks, a food blogger at BraveTart, who was named one of Food & Wine’s 2012 Best New Pastry Chefs. “People crave the excitement of sour flavors. Tart cherries are a natural match for cocktails and desserts, but I love using that bright pop of sour to cut through the richness of grilled meats, or to add a burst of intensity to salads and grains.”

Tart fruits and vegetables are more than just delicious – they tend to be good for you, too[ref]Drewnowski , A, Gomez-Cameros, C. Bitter taste, phytonutrients, and the consumer. Am J Clin Nutr2000 72: 6 1424-1435.[/ref]. A tart taste and bright color are typically cues for more good-for-you phytonutrients inside. And that’s certainly the case with Montmorency Montmorency tart cherries – one of the boldest fruits you can find. Luckily, these superfruits, which contain anthocyanins – a flavonoid that contributes to their bright red color and distinguishing taste – are available year-round in dried, juice, frozen and concentrate forms.

This tiny fruit that packs one powerful punch of flavor is in the height of harvest season. July marks Montmorency tart cherry harvest season for this predominantly U.S. grown superfruit, and as growers and processors are preparing for a fruitful crop, it’s time to start rounding up delicious Montmorency tart cherry recipes. A few summer Montmorency tart cherry treats are bound to get any palate hooked.  So, get on board with the tart trend and enjoy Montmorency tart cherries in a variety of ways, this summer and beyond.

Cool summertime treats
These chilly treats are the perfect addition to a hot summer day.

  • Tart Cherry Limeade: This inviting red beverage garnished with fresh lime slices is the perfect summer cool-down.
  • Tart Cherry & Coconut Milk Popsicle: These colorful red and white popsicles are not only full of flavor, they are fun to make!
  • Tart Cherry Gazpacho: Cinnamon, vanilla and fresh lemon juice complement Montmorency tart cherry juice and frozen Montmorency tart cherries for a refreshing, flavorful chilled soup.
  • Tangy Cherry Tea Sorbet: A tasty frozen refreshment to beat the summertime heat.

On-the-go snacks
Try these easy on-the-go snacks for a quick mid-day energy boost.

  • Crunchy Cherry Party Mix: The perfect combination of sweet and salty, this summer mix is sure to leave you satisfied.
  • Hemp & Cherry Energy Bites: Balls of Montmorency tart cherry-infused dough beautifully coated with hemp seeds make a great summer post-workout snack.
  • Wholesome Granola Bars: Tart cherries, almonds and cinnamon make this chewy bar a flavorful nutritious snack.

What to bring to summer parties
Salads, appetizers and desserts: we’ve got you covered.

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