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Consumer taste preferences are evolving, and they expect more bold, adventurous flavors in their food options. With today’s changing palates, tart cherries provide the ideal multi-faceted sweet-tart flavor profile for foods and beverages with a superfruit and premium positioning. ​

With their distinctive sweet/sour taste, unique nutrition profile, science-supported benefits, premium appeal, bright red color and U.S. grown status, tart cherries are an ideal ingredient for product developers looking to create new standout foods and beverages. ​

Five Reasons to Choose Tart Cherries for New Innovations

  1. Flavor Versatility: As the tart trend continues to gain traction, tart cherries can add just the right flavor profile to a diverse range of product applications.  The acidic notes of tart cherries can brighten up both sweet and savory foods and beverages. ​
  2. Functional Attributes: Tart cherries are increasingly recognized as a superfruit, which has strong appeal to millennials and health-conscious consumers. Per 1-cup serving without pits, raw tart cherries are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A and copper, and provide 3g of fiber and 56 mg of flavonoids. The scientific evidence supporting the health benefits of tart cherries is immense and additional research is currently underway — especially related to sleep and exercise recovery. ​
  3. Premium Appeal: Tart cherries are special. The addition of tart cherries helps elevate the eating occasion –offering a more premium quality to a finished product.​
  4. Pop of Color: Colorful produce varieties are trending on restaurant menus as consumers associate bright colors with high nutritional content, as well as the visual interest and Instagram-worthy appeal.  ​
  5. U.S. Grown: Montmorency tart cherries are grown in America, and this is meaningful attribute for consumers, who increasingly care about food origins and want to support local agriculture. The ability to tout U.S. grown on a package label is a positive advantage of sourcing U.S. grown tart cherries vs. imported tart cherries for new food and beverage innovations. ​

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