Tart on Trend

Tart is Trending

Consumer taste preferences are evolving, and they expect more bold, adventurous flavors in their food options. As consumers seek to cut down on sugary tasting foods and gravitate towards foods that are less sweet, and offer more dimensional flavors, tart and sour flavor profiles have risen to the top, and are poised for continued demand.

Research and trend reports show that tart flavors create interest and craveability by waking up the palate. They can also cleanse the palate and cut through fatty flavors, making tart flavors a complement to a variety of recipes, products and menu items.

Montmorency tart cherries are a great ingredient to bring an on-trend flavor to a variety of dishes and products, and have a taste that is as unique as the fruit itself, one that must be discovered for yourself in order to describe it! They have a distinct sweet-tart flavor profile that makes them an excellent way to experiment with this adventurous on-trend flavor.