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Recent Press Releases

Tart Cherry Juice Products Found to be Effective Recovery Strategy Following Strenuous Exercise Among Participants in 14 Studies

January 29, 2021

Scientific evidence of the recovery benefits of tart cherry juice has been growing and a is new meta-analysis documents significant effects.


New Meta-Analysis: Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate Found to Help Improve Endurance Exercise Performance

February 20, 2020

Montmorency tart cherries may have the potential to improve endurance exercise performance.


Montmorency Tart Cherries May Provide Benefits for Adults with Metabolic Syndrome, Suggests New Pilot Study

May 15, 2019 | by Cherry Marketing Institute

Researchers found that Montmorency tart cherries reduced systolic blood pressure, insulin levels and insulin concentrations in adults with metabolic syndrome.


Study Finds Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Helped Lower Blood Pressure and Ldl ‘Bad’ Cholesterol in Older Adults

March 5, 2019

Research Provides New Reasons to Eat (and Drink) Red for American Heart Month


New Study: Montmorency Tart Cherries Positively Impacted Exercise Recovery in Active Females

November 29, 2018 | by Cherry Marketing Institute

These latest findings add to a growing body of evidence supporting Montmorency tart cherries as an effective exercise recovery aid.


New Study: Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Helped Lower Blood Pressure and LDL ‘Bad’ Cholesterol in Older Adults

June 4, 2018

Montmorency tart cherry juice may play a role in maintaining heart health, suggests a new study published in Food & Function


New Pilot Study: Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Increased Sleep Time Among Participating Adults Ages 50+ By 1 Hour and 24 Minutes

November 6, 2017

Montmorency tart cherry juice was found to help extend sleep time by 84 minutes among eight study participants


Tart Cherries: An On-Trend Superfruit That’s Always in Season

July 24, 2014 | by Cherry Marketing Institute

Enjoy Montmorency tart cherry recipes, during summer harvest and all year long