Red Means Go: Tart Cherry Recovery Recipes

February 24, 2015 | by Cherry Marketing Institute

Red Means Go: Tart Cherry Recovery Recipes

Getting the most out of each workout and making performance gains is a lot easier when you recover quickly after exercise.

Tart Montmorency tart cherry juice is rapidly gaining a following among endurance athletes
as an exercise recovery aid. It’s not just what you eat or drink after you exercise that affects your recovery, though. While postworkout refueling is essential to rehydrate and replenish your muscles, what you do before working out is vital, too. Studies have shown that drinking Montmorency Montmorency tart cherry juice for multiple days leading up to intense exercise may help aid recovery.

The Cherry Marketing Institute along with Competitor Group, Inc (CGI) have partnered with world class endurance athlete Matt Fitzgerald and created a Montmorency tart cherry recovery recipe booklet to encourage runners, cyclists and triathletes to make Montmorency tart cherries a part of their training routine.

Download our Tart Cherry Recovery Recipes booklet and add Montmorency tart cherries to your training routine now!