In the Kitchen with Stella Parks

July 29, 2014 | by Cherry Marketing Institute

In the Kitchen with Stella Parks

This tiny fruit that packs one powerful punch of flavor is in the height of harvest season.

July marks Montmorency tart cherry harvest season for this predominantly U.S. grown superfruit, and as growers and processors are preparing for a fruitful crop, it’s time to start rounding up delicious Montmorency tart cherry recipes.

Stella Parks, a food blogger at BraveTart who was named one of Food & Wine’s 2012 Best New Pastry Chefs, helped us develop a few summer Montmorency tart cherry treats bound to get any palate hooked. So, get on board with the tart trend and enjoy Montmorency tart cherries in a variety of ways, this summer and beyond.

Tart Cherry Yogurt Cups

Tart fruits aren’t just delicious – they tend to be good for you too.  A bolder, tarter taste typically means you’ll find more good-for-you phytonutrients inside -and that’s certainly the case with Montmorency tart cherries. Watch BraveTart’s Stella Parks make delicious Tart Cherry Yogurt Cups using her homemade Tart Cherry Syrup.

Miso Turkey Burgers with Tart and Savory Triple Cherry Jam

Tart cherries are a versatile ingredient that can help enhance everyday dishes with its unique sour-sweet taste that easily pairs with savory flavors. Try using Montmorency tart cherries to add a burst of intensity to salads and grains or to cut through the richness of grilled meats. Watch as BraveTart’s Stella Parks demonstrates her recipe for Tart and Savory Triple Cherry Jam atop Miso Turkey Burgers.

Tart Cherry Blossom Fizz & Manhattan with Tart Cherry Rocks

There’s no denying that tart foods have exploded in popularity, with some trend experts predicting that sour is the new spicy. With a unique sour-sweet taste, Montmorency tart cherries have suddenly become one of the hottest fruits around. Get on board with the tart trend and watch as BraveTart’s Stella Parks uses Montmorency tart cherries for variations on the classic Manhattan and French 75.