Gut Health

Emerging research suggests a new potential benefit for Montmorency tart cherries

One of the hottest nutrition topics today is gut health – and there’s been an explosive growth in fermented foods and probiotics that may offer digestive health benefits.  But now scientists know that it’s not only the addition of “good bacteria” that may benefit gut health.  Foods that are abundant in natural plant compounds, such as polyphenols, can also positively impact our microbiome —  or the trillions of bacteria and other microbes that live in our intestinal track.

That’s a potentially big deal because a better balance of our microbiome not only promotes better digestive health, research suggests there’s a connection to inflammation, obesity, diabetes, heart health and even brain health.

Montmorency tart cherries are rich in polyphenols, specifically anthocyanins, and a new study suggests that adding these polyphenol-rich fruits to your daily diet may help enhance gut health.  

In the first-of-its-kind study, Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate helped to positively impact the mix of bacteria in the microbiome. Researchers believe this is due to high concentration of polyphenols (anthocyanins and other flavonoids) in Montmorency tart cherries, which are broken down by microbes in the gut to stimulate growth of good bacteria. Find more about this study here.

What you can do:

  • Drink an 8-ounce serving of Montmorency tart cherry juice in the morning instead of orange juice.
  • Add Montmorency tart cherry juice to your blender when making a smoothie.
  • Enjoy a glass of Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate mixed with water in the afternoon with an afternoon snack.